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How accurate are the genetic (“PCR”) COVID-19 test results provided by CoVerify lab partners?

CoVerify partners exclusively with best in class labs that use highly accurate, PCR testing to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus. Each of our labs is CLIA certified, classified as one of America’s high throughput, high sensitivity COVID-19 testing labs, and has received Emergency Use Authorization status (EUA) from the FDA. The FDA requires PCR tests to detect trace amounts of the virus present with at least 95% certainty.

What is the difference between genetic (PCR) testing and antibody (serological) testing?

PCR testing is currently the gold standard for determining if someone is infected with Covid-19. PCR tests detect the presence of the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. As a result, the PCR test determines if an individual is currently infected by the virus. The serological test detects the presence of Covid-19 antibodies, which are an immune system's response to the virus. As a result, the serological test does not detect the current presence of the virus itself but the immune system's response to the virus. Even when antibodies are detected, results can be misleading and cannot be relied upon to diagnose Covid-19 infection or contagiousness.

Does an employee have to be symptomatic to be eligible for a test?

No. All employees are eligible to be tested.

Who is responsible for collecting the samples that are tested for Covid-19?

A technician/registered healthcare professional. CoVerify and our partner labs help facilitate the administration of the sample by connecting you with a local team of technicians and healthcare professionals who travel to your test site and are trained in the collection process.

How is a sample collected to be tested for COVID-19?

A sample is collected by a qualified professional by inserting a sterile, one-time-use swab into the nose. The swab is then placed in a test tube and sealed into a specimen bag which is sent directly back to the lab.

How long does the sample collection process take?

The entire sample collection process, from initial registration to completion, is typically done in a matter of a few minutes. Physically collecting a sample usually takes less than one minute.

How do employees prepare for the test?

There is no preparation required.

If someone contracts COVID-19, are they then immune from contracting it again?

Uncertain. Researchers are working to determine whether someone can get sick more than once. Currently, there is no definitive answer.

What do we do if an employee receives a positive/negative test result?

CoVerify Health will assist your company in developing a protocol that works for you and your employees. While each individual case is dependent on many variables, CoVerify helps companies strategically plan their communication to ensure employees understand and trust the procedure in advance of the tests and the results. If an employee tests positive, they are directed by their manager to stay home and self-isolate. The individual should then consult with their physician for further treatment if necessary. Retesting employees is advised to ensure that employees remain healthy and the workplace environment is safe.

How often should I test my employees?

There are many factors that contribute to determining an appropriate testing strategy. CoVerify will help your organization optimize your near and long term testing protocol. Until a vaccine is available, regular testing will help employers stay informed and enable companies to make better decisions.

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